Having your lift inspected?

Did you know that if your passenger lift/platform lift carries people it needs to have an independent LOLER examination every 6 months? Even if you have a goods only lift this also needs to have an

examination every 12 months.

A LOLER examination is a detailed examination of the equipment and safety-critical parts. The examinations are carried out by a competent person who then follows the examination with a written report. These reports would include any defects or recommendations and they normally give a timescale for these to be completed. It is then the duty holders responsibility to carry out these requests.

These examinations protect people from any significant or fatal injuries and ensure that the lift is operating safely.

Bespoke Elevation offer a repair service following your LOLER report which can be something as simple as fitting a safety barrier, replacing a pit prop or carrying out an oil change.

No matter what the report states we can assist with a quote and quick service following this to rectify any matters raised from your LOLER examination. Following this we also give a full written report of our works within 24 hours to leave you with peace of mind.

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