How long does it take to install a passenger lift?

A passenger lift is often an integral part to a building and if it is not planned properly it can be a tricky part to any project.

Firstly, there is a design stage to consider. Perhaps your architect has already looked at the plans but they also need to match the requirements of your chosen lift. Talking to a passenger lift supplier as early as possible will help you to create your plans and save you having to make changes down the line that can be costly.

Once you have decided that you are going to move forward with your passenger lift quotation there is normally an order process and following that, your drawings for approval are provided. Most companies provide these drawings within one week however often it can be quicker if you are wanting to speed up this process.

Approving your passenger lift drawings can be quite a daunting process as it is not an everyday purchase however talking through the drawings with your supplier and raising any queries will make this easier. Sometimes the drawing approval process can take longer due to these reasons and it is often where most of the time is lost so it is good to raise those queries as soon as you can.

Once your drawings have been approved the lift can be manufactured and the normal lead time is between 6-12 weeks depending on time of year, how specialist your order is and other factors.

When the lift is delivered the installation normally begins immediately and the installation time is generally one week per floor depending on size and type of passenger lift.

Always bear in mind that a week or two weeks is normally required at the end for testing and commissioning.

Delays towards the end which could result in not having a commissioned lift could be:

  • No permanent power on site to allow for the test
  • Phone line has not been provided (if GSM or alternative is not used) which means there is no emergency two way communication.
  • Any building work snags
  • Shaft/site not ready

We like to make your project run as smoothly and as easily as possible so factoring in some of the above will help you co-ordinate your lift installation with your project.

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