Why consider a lift for your workplace? 

Accessibility is very important in work places today. Transportation systems such as lifts can help to provide independent access for all.The equality act 2010 asks for providers to make reasonable adjustments to improve services for people with impaired mobility.

What is deemed as reasonable can depend on a few of the below circumstances:

– The costs of any adjustments

– How practical the changes are

– Benefits that the changes would bring to others e.g. an automatic door on a lift would be useful for people carrying goods or people with small children etc.

Lifts can add major benefit to buildings and it is very useful to consider several factors whenchoosing a lift such as:

– The size of the lift, if it suits someone that you know that would use the lift, would it be useful considering other people in the future or larger wheelchairs?

– How many people would use it? This can affect the duty cycle of a lift and the waiting times.

– Where would it be located? For public access you would need to have 1.5m x 1.5m in front of the lift doors for adequate turning space.The structure of a building would also need to take the lift too.

– User friendliness

– Regulations

– some useful regulations to look at are Part M of the building regulations.Bespoke elevation like to give useful ideas on how to get the most from your lift installationfocusing on cost effectiveness and ease.

We look at the whole project and can give advice on the feasibility and the best way of moving forward. We can even use our own construction team to completely manage theproject too.If you would like to ask any questions or see how easy adding a lift to your building could be,do get in touch at. info@bespokeelevation.co.uk

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